We are looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We broadly study lymphatic and vascular biology, cancer biology, immunoengineering, and regenerative medicine by employing diverse tools, such as 3D organs-on-chip in vitro platforms, molecular biology methods, and in vivo animal models. We encourage open-minded persons from different backgrounds (biology, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, medicine, and relevant fields) to apply for the positions.

Please contact Dr. Lee (e-mail: el767@cornell.edu) for more information.



 “Organ-specific lymphatics and their functions”

Lymphatics exist throughout the body. Lymphatics play crucial roles in diverse organs, such as the heart (cholesterol homeostasis), eyes (Schlemm’s canal), lungs (fluid removal at birth), GI tract (fat/lipid absorption via lacteals), and brain (removing wastes, modulating neuro-immunity). We developed an “on-chip” model for 3D lymphatic vessels and lymphatic drainage or lymphatic interactions to other cell types. We are interested in collaborations with other researchers working on “organ-specific lymphatics and their functions”. We would like to provide platforms of in vitro 3D devices of lymphatics that do not require specialist expertise but may facilitate deeper mechanistic studies. We hope that the model systems could be easily adapted by other laboratories and impact their scientific discoveries to broadly contribute to the lymphatic research community.

Please contact Dr. Lee (e-mail: el767@cornell.edu) for more information.


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